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05|01|2020 Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 - YouTube

Blockchain, AI security, distributed cloud, hyperautomation, multiexperience, human augmentation democratization, traceability and transparency, the empowered edge, and autonomous things drive disruption and create opportunities...meer...

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02|01|2020 A Brief Guide to Customer Success

The goal of customer success is to enable effective adoption of technology and services, which can lead to contract renewal and more revenue from existing customers through upsell and cross-sellmeer...

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02|12|2019 Everybody Sells Services

Research shows that a best practice of top services organizations within product companies is that their services pros demonstrate appropriate selling skills.What are the steps and best practices.meer...

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03|11|2019 PWC's Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019

PwC’s 10th annual Global Consumer Insights Survey (GCIS) shows that in addition to the traditional return on investment (ROI) metrics used to determine a company’s success, we need to introduce another metric, one with a laser...meer...

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01|11|2019 How to Evolve from a Technology Provider to a Managed Technology Services Provider

The Key to Tech Revenue Growth is Technology Servicesmeer...

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07|10|2019 The ROI of Customer Experience [Facts, Figures, Tips & More]

Many studies highlight relationships between financial metrics and customer experience. However, this is difficult to measure. It’s hard to quantify the return your business can expect when investing in customer experience, and...meer...

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02|10|2019 The Amazing Ways YouTube Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

There are more than 1.9 billion users logged in to YouTube every single month who watch over a billion hours of video every day. Every minute, creators upload 300 hours of video to the platform. With this number of users,...meer...

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