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07|10|2019 The ROI of Customer Experience [Facts, Figures, Tips & More]

Many studies highlight relationships between financial metrics and customer experience. However, this is difficult to measure. It’s hard to quantify the return your business can expect when investing in customer experience, and...meer...

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02|10|2019 The Amazing Ways YouTube Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

There are more than 1.9 billion users logged in to YouTube every single month who watch over a billion hours of video every day. Every minute, creators upload 300 hours of video to the platform. With this number of users,...meer...

Categorie: Home

30|09|2019 Deloitte - Reinventing Broken Performance Management Employees

Instead of wasting time and money on ineffective and counterproductive performance management processes Deloitte decided to scrap the annual evaluation cycle and replace it with ongoing feedback and coaching. meer...

Categorie: Home

30|08|2019 Top tien draadloze technologie trends

Draadloze technologie speelt een belangrijke rol in de communicatie van vandaag, welke nieuwe vormen ervan zullen de komende vijf jaar centraal staan ?meer...

20|08|2019 Gartner Says AI Augmentation Will Create $2.9 Trillion of Business Value in 2021

In 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally, according to Gartner, Inc. lees verdermeer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

15|07|2019 Winning the Hearts and Minds of Employees — the Other Half of Total CX Performance

A customer experience strategy is only as good as a company’s ability to effectively and consistently deliver it. meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

23|06|2019 Gartner Announces Rankings of the 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe

Inditex Takes Top Spot and Unilever Becomes the First Ever European Supply Chain Company to Join the “Masters” Categorymeer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

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