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02|06|2024 GARTNER: "Top priorities for HR leaders 2024" (pdf)

Actionable insights to tackle challenges and plan for successmeer...

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02|06|2024 SalesForce: "Inside the Sixth Edition of the State of Service"

New research reveals the top three trends driving the strategic role of customer service and field service in the age of AI and data.meer...

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01|06|2024 Role of Chief Customer Officer: Ensuring that Customer-Centricity is at the Heart of Business

The digital revolution and subsequent acceleration of consumer expectations have expanded the CCO’s role to include not just customer service but also experience (CX), loyalty, and long-term engagement strategies.meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

28|05|2024 Why AI Won’t Take Over The World Anytime Soon

Yet, a closer look at the current state of AI technology reveals that these fears,meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

02|05|2024 GARTNER report: HR Toolkit: 9 Future of Work Trends for 2024(pdf)

Key insights and actionable strategies for HR leaders crafting organizational resiliencemeer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

01|05|2024 Harnessing AI: What Businesses Need to Know in ChatGPT’s Second Year

As generative AI enters its next phase in 2024, what can leaders expect? Harvard Business School faculty members highlight four trends to watch.meer...

01|05|2024 How to Measure and Improve Customer Experience Quality Using Six Sigma Methodology

60% of consumers choose to purchase from a brand over another based on the service they expect to receivemeer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

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