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01|12|2020 Gartner belicht zes uitdagingen voor tech- en service provider(TSP's)

"Krachten buiten de invloedssfeer van TSP's vragen om een reactie: aanpassen om te gedijen of moeite hebben te overleven"meer...

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01|12|2020 World Economic Forum : "The Future of Jobs Report"

This report uses a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative intelligence to expand the knowledge base about the future of jobs and skills.meer...

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01|12|2020 7 Strategies To Give Your Organization The Competitive Advantage For 2021

Master The Game Of Business Competitionmeer...

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Review of the business challenges that companies face, the transformation and implementation of AI into the support call center, and some solutions that could be beneficial for companies moving forward.meer...

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02|11|2020 5 Steps to Maximize Your Chatbot’s Potential

Chatbots have a huge potential to transform how companies engage with their customers. But scaling a chatbot up to production readiness can often be challenging!meer...

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01|11|2020 Customer Retention Tips That Attract Repeat Customers

So what should you focus on when courting your customer base? How can you guarantee they’ll come back for more? meer...

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02|10|2020 Guide to Keeping Your Customers: 24 Customer Retention Strategies

5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. Any investment in customer retention programs pays off in the form of higher revenue and reduced customer acquisition costs.meer...

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