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05|06|2023 4 Ways to Improve CX and Achieve Operational Efficiencies using the “Propensity to Complain(PTC)”

Actions that companies need to take to change processes and behaviors to recognize the importance of PTC to improve customer experience (CX) and achieve operational efficiencies.meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

04|06|2023 How to Monetize Customer Success

Latest developments in monetized customer success offers.Strategy and ways to improve your customer success initiatives and achieve business success.meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

04|06|2023 Cost-Effectively Scaling Customer Success

The Five Efficiencies of Scaling Customer Success meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

03|06|2023 A look ahead: 5 Predictions for Field Service in 2023

Conversations with customers are changing to be more focused on value and less on repairs.meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

03|06|2023 Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Digital Transformation

Key aspect of digital transformation is using data to drive business decisions,thanks to data analytics and business intelligence tools. meer...

Categorie: Home, AFSMI-NL

02|05|2023 How to Create an Amazing Prospect & Customer Experience (7-Step Example)

The Perfect Client Experience (best practice example )meer...

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02|05|2023 5 Field Service Trends to Watch in 2023

Making an emotional connection with customers is critical.meer...

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