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30|09|2022 Quick Guide to Customer Success ROI

Showing the return on investment (ROI) your company gets from customer success will make betting on your team an easy decision. ROI models give you the data and tools you need to make improvements and continue to scale your...meer...

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02|09|2022 "How To Amplify Customer Relations In The Metaverse" by Bernard Marr

Many companies that found they were not set up to accommodate their customers’ needs through digital channels struggled, while those that had invested in social media, video chat, online customer service, and emerging...meer...

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01|09|2022 Gartner:You’ll Be Breaking Up With Bad Customers — and 9 Other Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Gartner’s top predictions for 2022 and beyond reflect three main themes in the pandemic era: human centricity, resilience and the ability to reach beyond our expectations. meer...

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31|08|2022 8 Actionable Tips to Get Beneficial Customer Feedback

Since 90 percent of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying, feedback also makes a huge difference to the reputation of your businessmeer...

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24|08|2022 10 Tips for Success with Subscription Business Models

The Opportunities & Challenges of a Subscription-Based Modelmeer...

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04|07|2022 SalesForce FOURTH EDITION "State of Service" Report (48 pages)

Insights from over 7.000 customer service professionals worldwidemeer...

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03|07|2022 Gartner komt met top vijf zakelijke privacy-trends tot 2024

Organisaties wereldwijd moeten zich concentreren op vijf privacy-trends om te kunnen voldoen aan wettelijke vereisten. Over een paar jaar zullen de data van zo’n 75 procent van de wereldbevolking vallen onder privacy-regulering...meer...

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